Going through an Acrimonious Divorce? Why You Should Be Careful With Social Media

Due to advances in social media in recent times, it's easier than ever to publish details of your everyday life across a range of platforms for anyone to see. This is a good thing in many cases as it allows people who may otherwise have felt somewhat remote or cut off to keep in touch with others, albeit virtually. However, social media can be a significant threat to those going through separation or divorce proceedings and who may find themselves under pressure.

3 Things To Know About Parenting Orders

You have to make suitable arrangements for your children if you and your partner split up. While some couples can agree on informal parenting plans, other couples might need a more formal parenting order that is ratified by a court. These orders lay down a legal framework for the care of children when their parents separate. What do you need to know about parenting orders? 1. You Don't Have to Be in Dispute to Apply for a Parenting Order